Inline backflow and flood prevention valve

The Wastop backflow valve is a patented device that stops water from flowing back through pipes. It provides flood protection and also prevents the entry of small animals, insects and flotsam into the pipeline. It also stops odours from escaping the pipe. This unique valve is made of a durable, corrosion-resistant material.

The Wastop inline backflow and flood prevention vale features a patented design that provides backflow and flood protection. Its patented design also prevents infiltration of small animals, flotsam and insects into the pipeline. As a result, it significantly reduces the costs of maintenance.

The valves are installed in low-lying areas, where water is frequently backed up. It also helps mitigate flooding caused by storm surge and high tides. High-tide flooding occurs when seawater enters storm drains and backs up in low-lying areas. Tidal flooding can occur even during sunny weather, and backflow preventers are essential to prevent flooding.

Prevents flooding

The WaStop backflow valve prevents flooding by sealing a pipe or a tank with an elastomer sleeve. It is made of a specially formulated elastomer, which has excellent chemical resistance and shape retention. The sleeve seals 100% tight even at low backflow pressure. It can be installed in both stainless steel and pvc pipes.

The unique patented construction of a Wastop backflow valve prevents flooding, protects against sewage odours, and stops backflow in drains. It also helps to prevent infiltration of the pipeline by insects, small animals, and flotsam. A Wastop valve can be installed in a matter of minutes, and is an inexpensive solution to flooding.

Prevents odour

The Wastop backflow valve uses a patented design to stop backflow of water in drains, preventing smelly gasses, floods, and other unpleasant smells. The device is made of a durable elastomer sleeve that is inserted inside the existing pipe. It has excellent shape retention and chemical resistance, allowing it to withstand pressures of several meters in either direction. The valve seals automatically when flow into the inlet side occurs, preventing backflow.

The Wastop valve is suitable for a variety of applications and is particularly useful in septic tanks and soakaways where sewage is often stored. The valve can be installed quickly and easily and is easy to use. Many water utilities use the valves to prevent flooding and odour in their systems.

Prevents infiltration of pipeline by insects, small animals, and flotsam

Designed to prevent backflow in drains, Wastop (r) provides flood and odour protection and prevents infiltration of pipeline by insects, small animal and flotsam. With its unique patented design, Wastop is resistant to a wide range of foul smells and gases.

Available in an Access Chamber

The Wastop backflow valve is available in an access chamber with more information a DN110, DN125 or DN160 pipe diameter. This valve has a patented design that prevents backflow, prevents flooding and prevents sewage odor from spreading. The valve is simple to install in any piping system.

The chamber provides immediate protection from backflow of surface water and sewer systems. This valve can also be used for protection against flooding in basements, sewers, and stormwater systems. The Adapt-A-Valve is a convenient and low-cost solution for preventing backflow. The chamber’s lid is removable for easy access for municipal crews. If you see any sewage in the chamber, the blockage is on the municipal side. If the chamber is clear, the blockage is on a private property.