Carly Performing

Carly Rose Sonenclar shows off her powerful voice during this performance. Performing "Let it Rain" by Bruno Mars From the Movie, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1. It rained down nothing but compliments from the judges table!

Carly Gets Ready

Carly Rose Sonenclar gets ready to perform. She gets her hair done before taking the stage for the Top 13 Live show. The theme this week is songs from the movies.

Carly on the red carpet

Carly Rose Sonenclar is already a star! At such a young age Carly has such class, confidence not to mention one of the most powerful voices in The X-factor competition. Did I mention she is only 13?

Carly talking to Diamond

Carly Rose Sonenclar talking to her teammate Diamond White. Carly and Diamond are on Brittany Spears' team as she coaches the teens. Brittany has some major talent on her team with these 2.

Carly Rehearses

Carly Rose Sonenclar during rehearsals. She sings with such passion, well beyond her years. This girls does not hold back, even at rehearsals.

Meet Carly Rose Sonenclar




Carly Rose was born in New York City and resides in Westchester County, New York. She began singing at age two, imitating several of the performers on the early years of American Idol. She took numerous singing, dancing and acting classes, and one of her teachers put her in touch with a New York City talent agency, which signed her. She enjoys softball and has an older brother, Russell...[read more]