Pest Control and Removal in Kent

Kent is home to a variety of pests that crawl, scurry, slither and fly. Pest control companies keep these unwanted intruders from infiltrating and infesting places where humans live, work, and gather.

Pest control companies offer services such as inspections, treatment, follow up, and prevention. Many also provide sanitation and damage repair solutions. They can use sprays, baits, traps, or a combination of them. They are able to eliminate infestations of rodents, insects, spiders, bees, and wasps. Often, they can also help with birds and other wildlife.

Orkin is one of the largest pest control companies in the nation and has locations all over the country. It offers both residential and commercial pest removal Kent and termite services. The company has been in business for over 90 years. Their technicians are trained to know the most common pests and how they get into homes and businesses. They can help prevent them from returning by eliminating their food and water sources, removing debris, and sealing the entry points.

Cockroaches are attracted to cluttered counter tops and stacks of dirty dishes, as well as open trash cans. They hide in wall cracks and floorboards during the day and come out at night to contaminate food and surfaces. They are a common problem in Kent homes and businesses, especially during the spring when they start to multiply.

Mole problems are difficult to solve because they are solitary animals and only come together to mate. They dig tunnels and destroy lawns if they are not controlled. Pest-Tech can offer mole trapping and humane removal services to prevent them from destroying gardens and yards across Kent.

Spiders can be found in almost any home or building. They are attracted to dark, warm spaces and are most active at night. They are also known for dropping silk webs in the corners of rooms. You can help keep spiders away by removing their food and hiding places, such as piles of leaves or woodpiles. You can also install a few low-frequency light bulbs in the backyard to attract spiders away from the house.

Rodents, ants, and bees are the most common household pests in Kent. They can cause structural damage and threaten the health of people and pets. A pest control company can prevent them from invading by eliminating their food and water sources, repairing entry points, and sanitizing crawl spaces and attics.

Founded in 2017, Green Kiss Pest Control provides insect control services in Kent and nearby cities. Its pest control technicians can eradicate ants, beetles, cockroaches, wasps, and hornets. They can also help with bird and rodent control. They can also assist with pest removal, property repair and restoration, and monitoring to balance the homeowner’s needs and other animals on the property. They also can sanitize and deodorize areas infested with pests. They can also handle firewood and mulch piles by storing them far from the foundation of the home. They can also help with fire ant control and beetle extermination.