EVR Products manufacture rubber-based products

EVR Products manufacture rubber-based products, which serve a variety of industries and applications. EVR is ISO 9001:2008 registered. They offer a variety of standard and customized products. These products include Pinch Valves, Duct Connectors, and Expansion Joints. You can learn more about EVR’s products and services by reading this article.

EVR is ISO 9001-2008 registered

Elasto-Valve Rubber Products Inc. is a subsidiary of Devjo Industries, Inc. The company specializes in the manufacturing of elastomeric piping products. The company was established in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, and today serves a number of industries. Its engineers have extensive experience in the flow of media through its products, as well as its operating conditions.

It manufactures rubber-based Expansion Joints

EVR Products manufactures custom-designed rubber expansion joints for a variety of industries. Founded in 1984, the company has engineering expertise in the field of elastomers and offers custom solutions for any application. Its core product line includes expansion joints, connectors, elbows and hoses, pinch valves and check valves, pressure sensors and more.

It manufactures Pinch Valves

EVR Products manufactures pinch valves for a variety of applications. Their product line includes manual, high-pressure manual, control, and enclosed body pinch valves. Their range also includes petite pinch valves for limited space applications.

It manufactures Duct Connectors

EVR Products manufactures a variety of rubber products including duct connectors. These products can be purchased as standard products or custom-designed for specific applications. They serve various industries and applications and are UL listed.

It manufactures Pump Connectors

EVR Products manufactures a variety of rubber-based products, including pump connectors. TheĀ read the article company offers both standard and custom products for a variety of applications.

It manufactures Pressure Sensors

Pressure Sensors are a crucial part of your industrial machinery, from lubrication pumps to hydraulic systems. These devices measure the pressure in a liquid or gas, and output that information as an electronic signal. Developed in 1977, the National Semiconductors Transducer Handbook is still the standard reference for pressure sensors. It was the result of many years of research and development, with Ray Pitts a key contributor.