JPRO Professional provides a comprehensive diagnostic software

Cummins INSITE software is a PC-based software application that helps you monitor engine performance and save time. This tool provides professional level access to engine data. Using this software helps you speed up turnaround time for engine service. This software allows you to quickly diagnose problems and identify possible solutions.


The Cummins INSPEC software is an engine maintenance management software that can be used to monitor and adjust engine parameters. The software is available at authorized Cummins distributors or dealers. It is designed to support the current and future needs of the trucking industry. Its benefits include fuel tax reporting, engine programming, trip data, and driver performance records.

The software integrates with the Cummins vehicle management system. It automatically provides state-by-state and vehicle-by-vehicle fuel tax information and trip sheets, eliminating the need to manually compile fuel tax report data. Moreover, the GPS feature allows users to input fuel purchase data at the time of purchase. This allows fleet managers to optimize delivery schedules.

NextStep Repair

Cummins Insite NextStep Repair is an easy to use, comprehensive software solution for technicians who diagnose and repair Cummins engines. The program includes detailed troubleshooting guidance, wiring diagrams, and component-based coverage. It also features an easy-to-use single application to keep valuable information in one place. This feature enables technicians to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

INSITE allows mechanics to access engine performance information instantly and can display that information on a PC. The software also includes schematic diagrams, built-in engine drawings, and step-by-step diagnostics. This software minimizes the downtime associated with diagnostics, which ultimately increases productivity and profitability. INSITE is available as a Lite or a Pro version. TheĀ cummins insite software Pro version has additional features, including the ability to load calibration files and perform horsepower upgrades.

JPRO Professional

JPRO Professional provides a comprehensive diagnostic software that helps technicians troubleshoot Cummins components. It is compatible with most commercial vehicles. Cummins engines are popular with industries that depend on vehicle uptime. By using Cummins diagnostic software, these industries can increase uptime, reduce maintenance costs and increase safety and compliance.

The software is available in two different versions: Lite and Pro. The Pro version includes additional functionality, including horsepower upgrades and the ability to load calibration files. The Pro version is available directly from Cummins.