Swansboro Tattoos – The Friendly City by the Sea

More than 10 people — residents, business owners and out-of-town visitors — spoke against proposed license requirements for tattoo and piercing businesses at Tuesday’s city council meeting. The council took no action on the issue, sending it back to committees for review. The proposed requirements would require business insurance, limit piercings to ear lobes and require artists be certified and keep customer records.

In Swansboro, a small town in the heart of North Carolina’s Crystal Coast, there is one tattoo shop that takes artistry and craftsmanship to the next level. The staff at this quaint coastal destination tattoo parlor is dedicated to delivering an immersive experience for those who walk through the door.

Tattoos are more than ink on skin; they’re a way of self-expression and artistic craftsmanship. They reflect the individuality of the wearer and the stories behind them. This is especially true of the art at this Swansboro tattoos shop, which is a testament to the creativity and expertise of the staff members.

In a town that bills itself as “The Friendly City by the Sea,” tattoos have always been a part of the fabric of the community, and its artists are the pillars on which that reputation is built. But the history of tattoos in Swansboro isn’t all sunshine and roses.

Like most of Coastal North Carolina, the city of Swansboro is rooted in a deep and tumultuous past. In 1921, an immense mob of whites lynched a black farmer named Jerome Whitfield in Jones County, roughly 40 miles from Swansboro. It wasn’t the first time in a long line of lynchings.

Swansboro has since recovered from the ravages of that time and today, it’s a diverse and welcoming place with plenty to offer visitors. Its historic waterfront is perfect for those who enjoy paddling up and down the Intracoastal Waterway or cruising along Bogue Inlet, while landlubbers can find themselves in the midst of eclectic shops and restaurants set inside architecturally interesting buildings.

And though not many Coastal Carolina visitors make the effort to pull up anchor in this waterfront town on their way to the Emerald Isle or Hammocks Beach, Swansboro is definitely worth a second look. Whether it’s for shopping, dining or kayaking along the waterways, discovering the city’s rich heritage or exploring its eclectic arts scene, Swansboro has something to offer every visitor.