Carly Rose Sonenclar, creating her first album

The thirteen-year-old singer, who came second on last year’s The X Factor, is preparing to create her first album.

Carly Rose Sonenclar was called the “the petite girl with a large voice” by Britney Spears. Extremely impressed by Sonenclar’s rendition of Rolling in the Deep on X Factor, Simon Cowell referred to her as “the finest aliens I have heard sing ever.” Now, the youthful singer from NY, who was second best to Tate Stevens country singer, is getting set to create her first album.

Thirteen year old Sonenclar said, “I have been doing a great deal of writing and Simon Cowell’s firm has given me a recording contract. I have been extremely thrilled by that.”

A surprising non-elimination: Sonenclar and Stevens were quite successful on the X-Factor, however Sonenclar revealed that on each episode, she told herself that she would be eliminated, particularly in the episode before the finale. “I got into the restroom and rehearsed what I would say when I get eliminated,” said she. “I totally believed I would be knocked off. Then I returned to the stage, and I waited for it to happen, and my name was called, that I will be advancing to the next stage. It was completely irrational. I was flabbergasted.

The writing thing: Now that Simon Cowell has given Sonenclar a recording contract, the singer has started working with Autumn Rowe her vocal coach on the show and producer Toby Gad. “I write by myself all the time,” said she. “It is not really important if I write alone or not. I have access to a piano at home. I can write all alone and practice with the piano. So when I actually have to practice with someone, I can present something nice.

Back at school: Sonenclar, who is in seventh grade, went back to her school in NY, following the conclusion of The X Factor. However, she would almost certainly not make a good science project partner. “For instance, I had lots of projects this week, and I could hardly work on the projects with other members of my group because each day after school I had to be in the city,” said she. The singer is already well known among her 7th grade classmates, however things are quite different with the younger students in 6th grade, says the singer. “Sometimes when I am walking by, I hear my name mentioned – ‘That is Carly Rose Sonenclar!. With time, I know I will get used to that, people gazing at me whenever I am walking through the halls. Such things are a bit strange, but I guess it is a good thing.”

A versatile player: Hearing Sonenclar speak about her desire to venture into acting, and maybe even feature in a full length movie, it would appear she sounds no different from all other singing contest participants who have an unrealistic career expectations – until one considers what she has been able to achieve. The singer got her first opportunity to act during an off-Broadway run of Night of the Hunter. This resulted in her playing young Cosette for a year and six months, in Broad ways’ Les Miserables. “It so happened that the casting executive for Les Miserables knew someone from Night of the Hunter,” said Sonenclar. One evening they were among the spectators and he said, “I would like her to try for Cosette.’ I did just that and I got the role.” She has also played roles in The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants II, re-launch of Electric Company by PBS and The Nanny Diaries.

An indication of what is to come: Maybe Sonenclar was destined to participate in a singing contest: At age 3, she sang along to American Idol’s debut season, to the delight of other members of her family. She did this especially when Nikki McKibbin and Kelly Clarkson were performing. “Members of my family would sit in front of the television, watching the show, and depending on whether I intended to present a performance or not, I will be facing the television or facing them,” said she. “I sang along, not exactly the words used by the singer, but what I believed seemed like what the performer was singing. Thus, right there and then everything would be entirely made up. However I never acknowledged that. I acted as if I had it all planned out and I did it in a professional manner.

The type of songs she will be singing: Last month, Sonenclar performed during the Gannett Front exhibition to promoters in NYC, but the singer has not started recording her album. That is why she cannot yet give specific details regarding how her songs might sound. “Each time someone throws this question at me, I normally mention the 5 artists who have the greatest influence on me, and they are Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Ellie Goulding, Adele and Maroon 5.”If I could blend their different styles together, that is how the album would sound.”