IPQS email verification is an online service that validates

IPQS email verification is an online service that validates and scores emails in real-time. This helps businesses to prevent spam, phishing attacks, and duplicate accounts. It also helps them to maintain high email deliverability rates.

The key to improving deliverability is proper email list hygiene, removing invalid and disposable IPQS email verification addresses from your mailing lists. This is one of the best ways to reduce bounce rates and save money on mass mailing services. In addition, it can also protect your brand and website from malicious user behavior.

This API performs hundreds of syntax and DNS checks to verify the authenticity of an email address in real-time. This can help users to ensure that the email is valid and can be used with a mail service provider, as well as detect if the email has been leaked from a data breach.

It can also help to detect disposable or temporary email services and identify email addresses with a history of fraudulent behavior. This can be especially useful for preventing fraud during the signup process.

Using IPQS, you can also improve your email reputation by detecting and removing frequent complainers and traps from your mailing lists. This is a critical step in increasing your deliverability rate and avoiding blacklisting by ESPs.

Your users’ email addresses should be verified on a regular basis to avoid problems with bounce rates, inboxing & SPAM filter issues, and complications from user typos & misspelled emails. This can also help you keep your database size low so that you can spend less on storage costs.

Verifying email addresses can be done manually or via a web application or API. However, using a valid email verification service is more effective and provides a higher level of confidence in the results.

The email verification process also includes a ping to the address to verify that it is active and capable of receiving messages. If the ping does not receive a response, the email address is considered to be invalid. This is why a bounce rate increases when sending emails to invalid email addresses.

This can be a frustrating experience, especially when you are trying to send out newsletters and marketing campaigns. However, there are ways to get around this problem and prevent it from affecting your brand and reputation.

To make sure that you are not exposing your company to any risks, it is important to choose an email validation service with proven accuracy and good reputation in the industry. IPQS is one of the top providers in this area, providing robust & reliable results.

With a monthly subscription, you can access our email validation and reputation scoring services to prevent abuse and improve your business’s online presence. It is available in a variety of plans to fit your budget and needs, starting at free for 5,000 records per month and scaling up to $3,999 per month.

It also features a suite of tools to prevent fraudulent activity and stop users from clicking on ads or making payments. These tools can be used to identify high risk users, invalid clicks, and malicious behavior in real-time without impacting the experience of legitimate users.