3500 Watt Generators

There are several factors to consider when purchasing a 3500 watt generator. First, it is important to know how much power you need. For example, a television requires 100 to 300 watts of power, and a desktop computer may require up to 500 watts of power. Secondly, it is important to determine whether the power requirements of a certain appliance can be met by a 3500 watt generator.


This portable generator is the ideal solution for emergencies and remote locations. It features a rugged engine and an automatic low oil shutoff to protect the engine. It also comes with convenient outlets with circuit breakers. Its roll cage design allows for easy access to the parts for maintenance. Its lightweight design also makes it easy to carry.


The Champion 3500 watt generator is a good choice for those who want to purchase a powerful portable generator at an affordable price. It comes with a 3-year limited warranty and lifetime technical support. While the Champion 3500 watt generator is not super-quiet like top performers, it still provides good power to noise ratio. It can be used in a wide range of locations, including RVs. It also has a built-in surge protector.

Inverter technology from Champion helps this unit save fuel by lowering the load on the engine. This provides better fuel economy and longer engine life. The Champion 3500 watt generator also includes a 30-Amp RV outlet and two 120V household outlets. The model is easy to store and transport with buy 3500 watt generator its foldaway handle and never-flat tires.


This compact portable generator is ideal for RVs and camping trips. It offers enough power to run an RV but may not be enough to power home appliances. Fortunately, there is a parallel connection option so you can get the best of both worlds. If you are looking for a reliable backup generator that is both portable and powerful, consider the Generac iQ3500.

This portable generator is ideal for camping, tailgating, and jobsites. Its patented POWERRUSH technology provides over 50% more starting capacity than other generators on the market. It also features an integrated Start/Run/Stop feature and two USB outlets for convenient charging. It also comes with a 30-amp twistlock outlet. Its ultra quiet operation makes it ideal for RV use.


A Predator 3500 watt generator is a powerful portable power source. It features a powerful Briggs and Stratton motor for reliable performance. Despite its heavy weight, the unit is easy to move from one location to another. It comes with a wheel kit for mobility.

The Predator 3500 is a convenient portable generator that includes three AC outlets, two of which are grounded. The Predator also includes a 12V 8A pin receptacle that makes it convenient to charge batteries. Another advantage is that the unit can be paralleled with a second Predator to double its power. It also features an ECS throttle for economy use.

Generac 3500 watt

When it comes to portable generators, the Generac IQ3500 is an excellent choice. This portable generator is ideal for tailgates, jobsites, camping and DIY projects. Its 30-amp twistlock outlet and duplex outlet make it a good choice for RV use as well. The IQ3500 is also Ultra Quiet, which means it won’t disturb you or your family.

Another excellent option is the Generac iQ3500, which is a 3,500W/3000W inverter generator. It is reasonably priced, very quiet, and built by the top generator manufacturer in the US. This generator also comes with a three-year warranty.