Cupid Ring

A 1,700-year-old gold ring showing an adolescent winged Cupid carrying a torch has been found in England. The ring’s design is believed to have been made around the fourth century AD, according to researchers from the Portable Antiquities Scheme who have analyzed the ring and wrote about it in the journal Britannia.

The ring has been reported to antiquities authorities by the amateur who discovered it, Sally Worrell and John Pearce of King’s College London said in their article. It is the earliest known ring with a depiction of Cupid, Worrell and Pearce told Live Science.

In the ring’s design, Cupid is shown resting one arm on a column and holding a torch with the other. He is also surrounded by short wings that are growing out of his shoulders, the researchers wrote. The ring is decorated with two stones, each of which shows Cupid.

Cupid is a popular figure in many cultures, often portrayed as a son of Venus or Mars. He is the god of desire, erotic love, and attraction. He is referred to in Roman literature as Amor (the Latin word for “love”), and in Greek mythology as Eros, the son of Aphrodite.

Throughout history, people have used Cupid’s powers to bring about their dreams and desires. Some of the most common Cupid powers include:

Time Travel

A Cupid ring can allow its owner to travel through time, granting them access to a variety of different events and times. Coop Halliwell, the ring’s first user, used this power to show Phoebe her past loves and help her regain her faith in romance. Piper and Leo also used this ability to travel through time to save Christy and Dumain.


The ring allows the wearer to conjure images of their loved ones, showing them how great their relationships were when they started. The ring’s user can also use it to project images of other people and places.

Body Insertion

The ring can also insert another person into the body of another. In 2008, Coop used this ability to infuse Paige inside Henry’s body after she came to him looking for help dealing with him. He later used this ability to implant thoughts in Max and Cindy before their wedding.


The Cupid ring can also suggest a future event to occur, such as a wedding cupid ring or baby shower. The ring can also be used to create an image in someone’s mind that will help them find the right partner for them.

Remote Beaming

The ring also has the ability to beam people and objects, giving them the ability to teleport across the world without leaving their current location. This is the same power the unnamed Cupid gave to Max and Cindy, who helped them realize their feelings for each other by bringing them together in their hearts.


The Cupid ring also has the ability to regenerate after an injury. This is similar to the ability to heal and restore damaged organs, but it can be done quickly, allowing Drazi to return from the dead after being struck with a magic potion.